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ho_krn asked:
Dear all

I have been trying to get pregnant since Aug 2010 until today still no good news. i already went for 3 Gynae, the last gynae dr advise me to take blood test. So the result was my progestrone hormone abit low. So anything can help? and Dr ask me to reduce weight. Tis year i'm 28 years old. And the dr advise me to try clomid, i already try 3 months but still no good news.



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yannhorng.lim answered:
Hi ho_krn, I’m Yann Horng, CareLine Advisor/Nutritionist from Dumex. Thank you for your question. Our registered nurse has some advice for you with regards to your concerns.

Clomid is one of the fertility medications with the highest success rate and is one of the most inexpensive fertility treatments available. However, Clomid does not work for every patient. As all women are unique and different from each other, their reactions to Clomid can also be very different.

Clomid treatment includes timed sexual intercourse to help you get pregnant. You’ll need to know when you’re going to ovulate in order to time sex for your best chances.

Women who are overweight have better success with Clomid if they lose weight.
About 40 to 45% of couples get pregnant within six months of treatment. If you're still not pregnant, your doctor will help you look into alternative treatment options.
There may be male factor infertility issues that need to be addressed. You and your husband will need to discuss with your OG on other options of infertility treatment.
Take care.


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Aeen answered:
maybe you can go for exercise/gym.. me also trying to conceive for 4 yrs. i hv see few gynae also & at last i decided to go to gym. after about 1 yr, i go to see gynae again for treatment (taking clomid + metformin since i hv PCOS problem). I get pregnant after dear, dont give up! Hope you will get good news soon :-)


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susanchong answered:
Hope you get well soon!


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mrpoliebaba answered:
don't stress too much coz it will not help...why not go for a holiday and relax and get it out from your mind? insallah good news will come after that :)


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norerma84 answered:
try traditional medicine or medical homopathy


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khsee55 answered:
how abt trying chinese herbs medicine, a sip of liquor everynite to strengthen yr body system, go for urut to position yr womb up, take 'pak foong yuen'. these are not medically proven methods but i think no harm done in trying. cos i tried all these. i miscarriage 4 times and only fifth pregnancy successful. good luck. to u.


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kellyg answered:
hi, i hope you have good news soon.

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